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Have Not Journaled...

Like an in-depth journaling, in a while. Let's see, the late time I did was when I talked about how I spent my new year's and all that. Here's what's been happening lately:

Personal Junk! :)Collapse )

Enough about that, onto the better part of this post. I've been making lots of crafty things lately. More specifically fabric flowers for hair accessories and things of that nature. I've also been getting more consistent in making cards. Like I've probably stated in a past post, this year is going to be a really good one for me in that I'll be getting things done. I feel so motivated. I digress. So I'm going to try and get up pictures of my creations, see what things appeal to y'all.


Writer's Block: Surf's Up!

It depends, really, but if we're talking daily on average, I'd say about 3-4 hours (sometimes more, sometimes none at all). Taking an online class now really requires me to spend more time online, obviously, plus applying for jobs has gotten more convenient since a lot of job applications have "gone digital."

Writer's Block: International Skeptics Day

   I think I'm inclined to reply that I'm skeptical of most religions. Some are hypocritical, as are their followers... and yes, I'm aware that no one is perfect. I think everyone knows this, but in certain religions, you are taught not to engage in adultery and other things, but then live by the belief that no one can judge you but the deity, so I guess that's why a lot of people deviate and say "You can't judge the things I do, so I'll do whatever I want and treat people however I want." So, yes, a lot of people skew their religious teachings. Also, I think a lot of people confuse "God" with "Jesus" in the Christian faiths... they are NOT the same...
   From personal experience, and from lots of observation, I decided many, many moons ago not to follow any one particular religion, but to just to live my life with the most open mind. The only thing I truly believe in that's of the religious persuasion is reincarnation and karma. I had also originally chosen to wait to have sex until marriage, but it seemed to always interchange with at least waiting for the one I had deep romantic feelings for. Other than that, I chose of my own free will to not smoke, drink, or do illegal drugs (otherwise known as "Straight Edge," acronym "sXe"). I am a firm believer in that the world would be much better off if all (or a great majority of) people lived this way...

Writer's Block: And the forecast is…

So today's question is my favorite kind of weather, huh?
What’s your favorite kind of weather?

 I'd definitely have to say, due to the lack of it where I live, rainy (and warm) or cold with little or no breeze/wind-chill. I very much prefer colder weather to anything, because there are only so many layers you can take off to stay cool... Besides, the heat makes me a cranky little crab (allusion to my astrological sign... lol!).

I Hate My House

This is a very depressing and just flat out hateful post about what happened last night. Some profanity ahead.

Just as a preface:
I still live with my parents (BIG mistake). My mom doesn't care about me anymore and treats me like I'm freaking 10 years old. I'm 22. My dad, whom I thought never loved me sure is acting like it, and I couldn't be happier. And also by saying that my boyfriend is transgendered and no one in my family understands what that means. They think I'm a lesbian, when that is not the case. If they had done half the research I have done and would TRY to understand, maybe things would be different. Also, we have fought about this many times in the past 9 months.

Ok, so, I had another huge fight with my mom cuz you know Chaz Bono? Well my sister said something about him before he got his surgeries and I tried correcting her. So she says she doesn't care about being correct and educated about it and my mom jumps in and we fought about it. Pretty much same shit different day kind of fight. Except this time... she had the audacity to call me stupid. Yeah, I was shocked. And by this time I was already crying out of frustration. So I was like, well, lucky you got stuck with a stupid daughter! Anyways... a little bit later, I had my ipod in my jacket pocket and my mom was on the phone almost crying to whoever, and I went to the bathroom. So she stormed right over and knocked on the fucking door and demanded me to give her my ipod. Stupid me, handed it right over like a damn trained dog. So I locked myself in the fucking bathroom, I got so heated and upset and angry still bawling my eyes out that I started banging my head really hard against the wall. I literally wanted to yell fuck you to her and just fucking die. I hate that fucking house so much. So my mom threatened to wake my dad and get him involved if I didn't stop hitting myself. I told her go ahead. So she did and he got up all angry with her tellin her to stop ragging on me and that it's my life and stuff. He also said to her that she should've just left me alone. My mom got all upset and was crying and could barely talk and she was like 'so its my fault that shes beating herself up' and he was like 'no but you both have your own opinions and should just leave it at that.' Surprisingly he came to the bathroom door, and instead of trying to break it down like I would've expected, he calmly started talking to me. (Exactly opposite of what my mom had been doin).
When he was talking to me, he wanted me to come out but I said I was fine and that I was going to fall asleep in the bathroom. He went right back into arguing with my mom so I shut my eyes and stuck my fingers in my ears so that I couldn't hear them. I tried so hard to fall asleep but then my dad got me to come out and we started talking calmly and stuff but my mom with her god damn attitude...
I don't know why I didn't see it before. My dad loves me and my mom could give a rats ass about me. She doesn't try to understand and keeps calling me a fucking lesbian and wants me to admit what I'm not. My dad sees it the same way as her but he doesn't give me shit about it or try to antagonize me. I get it that they don't understand but damn don't call me fucking shit when I know what I am and am not. Before I went right to bed, I said "let's just drop this, I hope I don't wake up" and thats when I texted my boyfriend, knowing full well that she'd come barging in to take that away, too.
To top it all off, get this... as even more proof that my mom couldn't care about me... I slept in later this morning than I usually do just to see if she would come and check up on me to make sure I didn't kill myself last night, and she gets up and takes a shower and makes breakfast and fixes her hair. Doesn't even come to check on me at all.

Whatever, I hope I can get a job up where my boyfriend lives cuz I'm moving up there, ASAP. I want to be estranged from my family. That's that. I've had enough of this shit. If I don't leave soon I may just say things to them I might regret.

Sewing Project Underway!

    Alllll righty then!
   So here's another post from yours truly. Just a quick update on me undertaking an easy-looking task: the art of the swimsuit.
   Here's a picture of it! I think it looks GREAT for my first time ever! This is friom a recent KwikSew pattern.
(Yes it looks like there are nipples showing, but I promise you it's just the way the swimsuit was sewn)

   As long as you follow the instructions in the package, it's easy peasy! Total time for the top (if I did it all in one sitting), about an hour or two. I have another idea planned for this bright pink Lycra and black fishnet/mesh-y stuff I bought, I'm so excited!
   I've done the bottom, but it looks like... horrible, to say the very least.
   While we're on the theme here, kind of... Lately I've been feeling like a happy little Helga home-maker with all the sewing I've been doing, baking some chocolate cheesecake and delicious banana bread! Haha!
   Law and Order: SVU and Rupaul's Drag U/Drag Race have become my latest addictions, haha.
   I've decided to also swear off "unnecessary beautifying and primping" such as dying my hair, flat-ironing it, and wearing make up. I'm trying to let my skin and hair be as healthy as possible by taking really good care of it. On that note of taking care of my skin, there is this great sunless tanning product called TanTowels! Their product is amazing and the results are beautiful and really even. No spotty-ness, no mess, no dripping, no rubbing-off on clothing or anything! Best of all the smell is kinda of fresh and nice, not like you just spent a day in a metal factory, haha! If you have light/fair skin like I do, I recommend buying the Classic towelettes, but if you are somewhat darker/have a tan from the sun, then get the Plus ones. Their products are great, I highly recommend them.
   Ok, gotta jet now my little lovelies! Off to do some household chores and get a little creative! Thanks for indulging in what I had to say, take care.
 Hey everyone!
   So, I've had a busy semester with sewing costumes for my ballet class to use for our recital. Just a note, that's about 17-18 costumes. The fabric was tough to work with - chiffon, oy - plus the fact that I haven't really sewn anything ever in my life. Lucky for me, I had lots of help. Pictures will be up further down. Our instructor created some very beautiful choreography to "Forbidden Friendship" from the kids film How To Train Your Dragon. Aside from that, I had projects to do and choreography to master.
   On another note, My boyfriend and I got back together officially back in February/March, but covertly enough that my parents don't know otherwise they'd flip some sh...shells! That's it, shells! Haha, anyways, we're so happy now, we know we're meant to be. I'm supporting him in everything I can.
   Here's the pictures I promised! It was so much fun!
   On Friday night I had my modern dance performance. As everyone knows, modern dance is always strange, and there were no shortcomings of 'strange-ness' during this one.
   Saturday night, I performed in ballet. I have re-kindled my love for ballet during this semester! (I was in it when I was a wee tot, and couldn't appreciate it, but I liked it for the most part.) These are the costumes I helped make :).
   I've also been reacquainting myself with the sewing machine. All the more reason to since my mother spoiled herself with an amazing new one from Bernina (the B380 :o). It also came with free a nice little "travel" Bernette sewing machine. I have been using the 380 like crazy! I made a cute little basket/organizer, a brush roll, some pj pants (!), and the latest tough project: A swimsuit! The top looks amazing! I tried the bottom first, but I need to re-cut the pieces and start over because I made MANY mistakes. (Someone should've read the instructions, huh...? Lol!)
I think that should be about all for now... OH YEAH! I have a new online shop in case you wanted to check it out... it's on Meylah.com. I will have to find out for sure what the link is... I can't seem to log into it at the moment :(.

As always, thanks for reading, and enjoy the rest of your day/night!

Tis the Season to Update!

 It's about time, huh? I can't remember when the last time I blogged was... probably around May or so of this year maybe? I don't know. so, yeah, I'm not dead, yet. Got close to it because of the full-time hours I'm taking (and just now finishing up) in school. So... here's what's been up in the past months: Christmas shopping, homework, projects, card-making, eating, waking up too early, dying my hair from it's natural color to blonde to dark red... Still interested in reading more? Lol, here you go: I've been hardcore stressed out, getting upset with my computer - because the idiots I took it to so they could fix it, took 3 months and fixed nothing -, writing papers, talking with my baby, gettin excited because he's coming back in about 4 weeks (!!!!!!!!!!), worried about finals (next week!)... uh yeah, I think that about sums it up...

Here's a couple cards I have made in the past weeks. If anyone is interested in purchasing them for $3.50 (free shipping), let me know. Or if you would like multiples, we could work something out. I will try to get started on Valentine's day one's in the coming weeks as well.

And there are a couple in progress with cute winter animals, lots of glitter, minimalistic, and more!
Right now I should get back to typing up a couple of papers, though, so I will definitely be posting up more often! See y'all later!

Writer's Block: It's allergies ... really!

What was the last thing that made you cry?

When my boyfriend left back home after visiting me for a week...

Writer's Block: Twilight is nearing

How do you feel about the upcoming Twilight film? Are you a fan or a critical bystander?

Not a fan of the books, blood and vampires just don't appeal to me..., so naturally, the films are just as much of a "crime scene" tape deal that warns me to stay away. I don't like the Twilight stuff and I don't dislike it, just don't care much for it.